Research Links

We will update this page with new links to research papers relevant to fluvial  and coastal geomorphology, climate, sea level rises, hydrology and engineering. We  want to share what we believe is significant research in our field with our clients and the community. If you have a research paper and want to add it to the research forum please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Fluvial geomorphology and flood-risk management (2/2009) Geomorphologie

Geomorphology & River Management

Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology

Coastal Hazard Assessments (Environment NSW)

Sea Rises in the late Holocene (East Coast) 1

A review of sea level  in the late Holocene (East Coast) 2

Late Quaternary marine deposition in new south wales and southern queensland: an evolutionary model. int. geol. soc. of aust., 28, 471-489. Roy, P.S. and Thom, B.B. (1981)

Geological Development of North Stradbroke Island and Surrounds.   Kelley & J. Baker In: Focus On Stradbroke. (1984)

Sand Blows – indicators of past climate changes. R.A. James  In: Focus On Stradbroke. (1984)

A review of Holocene sea level data, South Eastern Queensland  In: Focus On Stradbroke. (1984)

Evidence of Tsunami Sedimentation on the Southeastern Coast of Australia (1992)

Holocene sea-level change and the aminostratigraphy of wave-dominated barrier estuaries on the southeast coast of Australia (2005)

Investigation of large-scale washover of a small barrier system on the southeast Australian coast using ground penetrating radar