Catchment Management

  • Water supply and management
  • Geomorphic characterisation and condition of rivers, wetlands, estuaries and coasts
  • Riparian habitat assessments
  • Wetland habitat assessments
  • River bed and bank  restoration and stabilisation (e.g. LWD reintroduction, bank toe reconstruction & artificial rock riffle construction)
  • Wetland restoration
  • Catchment processes studies and management plans
  • Riparian vegetation management


Riverine Engineering

  • Geotechnical & geomorphic assessment of eroded banks
  • Sediment transport and sediment transport calculations
  • Hydrodyamics and flood modelling
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Constructed wetlands for stormwater treatment
  • Impacts of dredging on sediment transport and river bank stability
  • Engineering design  & drawings.
  • Construction and project management


Coastal  & Estuarine Engineering & Planning

  • Estuarine & Coastal Geomorphology
  • Bathymetry models
  • Estuarine and coastal sediment transport
  • Tidal & flood hydrodynamics
  • Channel bathymetry surveys
  • Mapping estuarine  landscapes (e.g. tidal channels, intertidal wetlands,  estuarine floodplain wetlands)
  • Acids sulfate soil assessments
  • Geotechnical engineering of the foreshore
  • Foreshore erosion assessments
  • Coastal hazard  assessments
  • Evaluation of  dredging on sediment transport and foreshore stability
  • Preparation of coastal and estuarine studies
  • Coastal hazard assessments
  • Preparing coastal zone management plans
  • Investigation, design and implementation of management actions to reduce coastal erosion risks, restore degraded coastal habitats, and improve access to beaches and public reserves
  • Assessing the health of estuaries.
  • Mixing of sewage treatment effluent in estuaries and in the near shore environment
  • Preparation (or updating) of coastal zone management plans and associated technical studies (including coastal hazard assessments)
  • Engineering design solutions to manage the risks from coastal hazards
  • Restoration design solutions to implement environmental repairs, including habitat restoration and conservation projects
  • Pre-construction activities for projects that are eligible and are likely to proceed to construction
  • Development of management tools (such as education projects)


 Environmental Assessment & Planning

  • Complex planning  issues related to riverine, estuarine, and coastal landscapes
  • Mapping the location of watercourses, wetlands, and estuaries
  • Planning guidelines for riverine, estuarine and coastal landscapes
  • Impact studies
  • Review of environmental factors
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Riparian setbacks for development
  • Riparian buffers for water quality
  • Riparian vegetation assessment, planning and management
  • Coastal hazard assessments with respect to sea level rise and real time storm events
  • Development and management guidelines for riparian, riverine and estuarine landscapes


Water  Planning

  • Catchment hydrology
  • Water balance modelling
  • Floodplain and channel hydraulic modelling
  • Environmental flow analysis
  • Hyporheic (wet area) zone mapping
  • Water sharing plans


On-Site Waste Water Treatment

  • Site and soil evaluations
  • Calculation of expected wastewater flows
  • Mass balance and nutrient modelling
  • Selection of appropriate wastewater treatment systems
  • Preparation of wastewater reports, designs and Site Based Management Plans
  • Certification
  • Constructed wetland for on-site waste water treatment


Construction, Restoration and Project Management

  • Contract procurement
  • OHS site administration and supervision
  • Construction quantities and progress reporting
  • Construction supervision and project management
  • Auditing