Riparian Engineering specialises in coastal, estuarine and river engineering and sciences.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Riverine, estuarine and coastal processes studies (geomorphology, hydrology, tidal and flood hydraulics, sediment transport, river and coastal erosion, biology, water quality, sea level change, coastal hazard assessments)

  • Planning & management (research, planning, policy, review of environmental factors, impact assessments, management plans, mapping, site plans, coastal hazard assessments, flood risk assessments)

  • Coastal & river engineering (river bed and bank protection, foreshore protection, shoreline protection, geotechnical engineering, constructed wetlands, floodplain management, dredging, foreshore protection, on-site waste water treatment, storm water, port management, boardwalks, boat ramps, seaways)

  • Riverine, estuarine and coastal protection  restoration (site restoration plans, concept plans, design drawings, approvals, site management, construction and maintenance)